Los Angeles County Museum of Art Celebrates Maestro Elmer Bernstein’s 50th Anniversary with Month Long Film Festival

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, in conjunction with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences November 8, hosts a month-long film festival at the museum beginning Friday, November 9 and continuing consecutive Friday and Saturday evenings through December 1.

The festival, the work for which was begun three years ago, features a variety of films, ranging from epic to drama to comedy to jazz, and will feature various speakers throughout the program.

Mr. Bernstein will make an appearance November 10 to address the audience about his collaboration with director Martin Scorsese. “We are extremely pleased with the variety of films secured for this program and the caliber of lecturers,” states LACMA film department director Ian Birnie. “We were successful in booking every film we requested,” he adds.

For a complete schedule of films, click here. For more details, including guest speakers and times, log onto www.lacma.org or call the Los Angeles County Museum of Art at (323) 857-6100.

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