Spies Like Us

An encore release of the 1985 original
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Spies Like Us (Varèse Encore)
Elmer Bernstein, 1985
Varèse Sarabande – VCL12151163

1. The Ace Tomato Company (5:09) 
2. Off To Spy (1:55) 
3. Russians In The Desert (2:23)
4. Pass In The Tent (2:56)
5. Escape (3:26)
6. To The Bus (3:15)
7. The Road To Russia (3:40)
8. Rally ’Round (2:41)
9. W.A.M.P. (2:49)
10. Martian Act (3:10)
11. Arrest (2:23)
12. Recall (2:40)
13. Winners (1:16)

In Spies Like Us, a John Landis comedy romp turned cult classic from 1985, Elmer Bernstein delivers a score that certainly has its appropriately zany over-the-top moments, but also delivers on the rich, expansive themes that makes a Bernstein score a Bernstein score. From jazzy to resplendent to a climactic fanfare, this is a fun listen that will conjur many of Bernstein’s most memorable themes.

This release is currently available only from the Varèse Sarabande website, and is limited to 1000 copies.

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